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BN&F is comprised of a diverse blend of skilled attorneys offering contemporary knowledge and understanding of the ever-evolving law.

Philip Cowan

Phone: 312-704-7224

Email: pcowan@bnf-law.com

Departments: Chairperson – Labor & Employment, Estate Planning, Probate & Trust Administration

John Cytron

Phone: 312-704-7244

Email: jcytron@bnf-law.com

Departments: Chairperson – Taxation / Pension & Employee Benefits

Avrum Dannen

Phone: 312-782-5050

Email: adannen@bnf-law.com

Departments: Of Counsel – Financial Restructuring & Asset Protection

William Franko

Phone: 312-782-5050

Email: wfranko@bnf-law.com

Departments: Chairperson – Probate & Trust Administration

Mark E. Furlane

Phone: 312-704-7223

Email: mfurlane@bnf-law.com

Departments: Of Counsel – Litigation / Labor & Employment Relations / Pension & Employee Benefits

Lynn Lucchese-Soto

Phone: 312-704-7234

Email: llsoto@bnf-law.com

Departments: Chairperson –Corporate / Real Estate / Banking

Steven S. Shonder

Phone: 312-782-5050

Email: sshonder@sbcglobal.net

Departments: Litigation

Elizabeth Lucchese-Soto

Phone: 312-782-5050

Email: elucchese@bnf-law.com