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About Us

A history of representing our clients since 1919.

Protecting Our Clients Since 1919

In 1919 William Berger was engaged in the general practice of law. After completing law school in the early 1930’s, Lawrence S. Newmark joined the firm. During the height of the depression the firm represented many financial institutions. In those days, the pleadings were prepared by typewriters, which necessitated a night shift for secretarial staff to turn out the work. It was during these days that the partnership of Berger and Newmark was formed.

A major portion of the new firm’s clients were financial institutions, electrical contractors and manufacturers. Many of those clients continue to be represented by the firm to this day.

Following World War II, Marvin S. Fenchel who had served as a second lieutenant during the war, graduated law school and joined the firm. Subsequently, Marvin became the third named partner in the firm of Berger, Newmark & Fenchel.

In the 1950’s the firm represented many clients in the floral industry including industry associations for which the firm negotiated multiple labor agreements, becoming the genesis of the firm’s labor and employment discrimination practice, which continues to this day. In the mid 1950’s Barry D. Elman joined the firm and a few years later, at the time William Berger retired, Ervin Feuerstein joined the firm to chair the litigation and banking practices.

During the early 1960’s, Sidney H. Drury and Philip Cowan joined the firm resulting in the expansion of our real estate, banking and labor practice.

As the needs of the firm’s clients and their families have expanded, the firm has developed expertise in the areas of corporate matters, mechanics liens, litigation, estate planning and tax, labor and employment, commercial and residential real estate, asset protection and banking.

While all of the founders have passed away, their influence and vision remains a guide for all of us who continue the tradition of integrity and service, hallmarks of Berger, Newmark & Fenchel P.C. Berger, Newmark & Fenchel P.C. celebrated its 100th year in business in 2019, and looks forward to many more years.